ArmaSide, is a flexible, proven 1 axis tracking system for solar parks. At a highly competitive price, it's a profitable investment for FIT, FIP and NetMetering Solar projects, increasing yields by 20 % - 25 %.

         Up to 22 solar panels are placed  at a landscape orientation and in groups of parallel rows oscillating in the East - West direction. Each group being controlled by a single motor, minimal maintenance is required. 




















The oscillation is PLC controlled following the sun in continuous search for the Maximum Irradiance Point by means of PV sensors. A windmeter  is used to take the horizontal position under extreme wind conditions. 










A single motor controls a group of rows, providing easy and cost effective maintenance. 


           The whole stucture is made of hot dip galvanized steel, it's certified for structural strength according to Eurocodes 1,3 and is CE marked. 














Space is used optimally. A 500 kW project can fit in 7.000 m2 while 12.000 m2 will be enough for 1 MW.

           DC cables can run through a channel fixed to the Row Driving Beam (the beam that transmits the oscillation) of each row group, eliminating the need for earthworks and underground infrastracture.




           It can be installed on hilly (up to 20 %) terrains.


Watch a  video  ArmaSide in operation 


Download the ArmaSide 1X tracker leaflet.