Arma-Mechanics, drawing on its 10 years experience on designing and building Solar Tracker systems, developed ValueTrack, which optimally combines individual features of a multitude of systems we have worked with. The new product incorporates an innovative motion transmission system, ValueDrive, which is the subject matter of our 2nd patent application (after PestiClean). laxtrackValueTrack is a "pole" system, of reduced height. In the standard version it offers 1X (East - West)  240° rotational movement at a fixed   inclination. It carries 10-12 PV panels in landscape orientation.  

ValueTrack's statics are certified for extreme conditions, under Eurocode 1,3,8 with the FEM method. It can withstand 0.4 m of snow and 11 beaufort wind combined and even if no stawing feature is available (in the standard edition), it's safety is not compromised, since due to its low height (<2.5) it fits into  the lower atmospheric boundary layer where extreme winds are rarely developed. 

vtrack rect 1

      However, the stowing feature is available in the 2X version of  ValueTrack, which achieves the Up - Down motion through an automatic, centrally controlled hydraulic system. Both motions are driven by sensors and an MCU in search of the maximum irradiance point. This approach saves unnessecary movements (and wear) during overcast days, as opposed to moving following astronomical algorithms.  A wind sensor is present in the 2X version to determine extreme winds and signal moving to the horizontal stowing position.

East - West motion is achieved by means of  a single motor for the whole park. ValueTrack units are connected through a linearly moving Driving Beam. Value Drive is our patented, 2 point conjunction system which attaches Driving Beam on each unit and converts its linear motion to a 240 ° rotation. 

      ValueTrack units are fixed on prefabricated 1,6 Χ 1,6 Χ 0,4 concrete blocks saving foundations and earthworks, and usually Works Permits. Tipping cannot happen, under winds up to 11 beaufort and this foundation method is suitable for all kinds of soil, even for the sandy ones. 

        ValueTrack, is an Efficient proposal and a Profitable investment. At a really low cost (about $ 0.4 / W) it offers energy yields  +35% over fixed tilt and  +20% over horizontal 1X systems (the latter being definetly out of context for latitudes > 20°. The second Up-Down motion offers an additional +8%, bringing the total yield increase at +43% for the 2X version.

        ValueTrack also offers the possibility to run the cables through the Driving Beams, saving underground piping complications and costs and preventing from mice damages and moisture. In addition, it's one of the very few systems that can be installed on inclined (up to 10 %) terrains.

        ValueTrack incorporates positive attributes of other systems, while it avoids certain shortcomings. It's a uniquely efficient and profitable option for new installations, as well as for  the upgrade of older fixed tilt systems.  From an investems point of view, it offers a 25% - 50% IRR, depending on the  produced energy price.

Download  Valuetrack Brochure