The Ultimate Solution

for the Treatment of

Plastic Pesticide Containers



PestiClean, is a complete, automated system for receiving and handling toxic pesticide containers. A long lasting environmental and economic problem has  finally it’s solution.


PestiClean is designed to:

  • Receive up to 4 empty rinsed (or not) plastic pesticide containers, from 0.25 l to 20 l volume sizes
  • Record keypad inserted user’s ID
  • Measure and record containers’ volume
  • Provide user with delivery receipt
  • Objectively (sensor controlled) rinse containers
  • Compress rinsed containers to permanently reduce volume and minimize transportation costs
  • Transmit user’s and containers’ data to all competent authorities, enabling implementation of  compulsory 100 % recycling schemes
  • Easily paired with available repositories

      PestiClean  is  fully  automated,  operating   24/7/365


      Can be installed in municipal or coop spraying water supply facilities, regional Green Points,

      or in any common use agricultural area


      Can be combined with spaying tank cleaning evaporation pools 


      Consumes minimal electricity, while the water used can be fully recycled to the tank or pool


  Besides the environmental benefit, provides great financial returns through the efficient management of the recyclable material



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