White Nights Enetrprises OU is the consulting arm of the Arma - Koukoutsis Group of companies. Based in Tallinn Estonia, it acts as the holding company of the group, while providing Consulting Services on crossborder Investments.



White Nights (WN) Enterprises OU, is the 99% owner of the greek solar developer Arma Mechanics SA, a leading figure in the greek solar market. WN owns the stock of the company as well as the land on which its projects are installed, through its greek subsidiary. Arma Mechanics, apart from its solar park contracting activity, is also a designer and producer of equipment. Arma - Side is the latest and hotest of its design products, boasting allready a 16 MW installation track record in the past 3 years. Detailed information about Arma Mechanic's product protfolio and track record, can be found in detail, here.

WN also holds investment bonds issued by N. Lefki Energy Community, Larisa Greece, a solar park owner, selling directly solar energy to the Grip Operator, on a contract basis.


Financial Engineering Products

Koukoutsis group ambitions and planning, however, extend well beyond engineering. Benefiting from a years long international exposure, as well as a deep understanding of global investment trends, strives to bundle solar energy projects into tradable passive income portfolios, as an alternative to traditional real estate, addressing the growing needs of global investors for risk diversification through the stable, contracted cash flows that solar projects can provide.

WN acts as a consultant and facilitaror for crossborder investments both in the energy and the real estate sectors. It creates unique financial engineering proposals featuring benefits as,

  • Passive Income through renewable projects
  • Attaching real estate characteristics to solar investment solutions, so that they qualify for Golden Visa programs for interested non-european investors
  • WN also organizes and presents real estate opportunities for european investors looking for risk diversification outside the european economic environment.

More detailed information and the specifications of WN's hottest investment proposal, can be found here .


Investment Tours

To showcase its crossborder investment proposals, WN organizes tours for interested investors, highly specialized in the area or the project under consideration, so that foreign investors can aquaint themselves with the characteristics and the formalities of the foreign social and business environment, before they decide on the size and the timing of their commitments.

WN specializes as an "Investment Tour Operator" for its clients focusing on business opportunities that exist and promise high returns in diversified and, often, unrelated economic environments.


Green Mining

Envisioning a bordelress world, in which technology brings together people of all races and cultures, WN aspires to be a leading company in the utilization of renewable energy in the realization and expansion of blockchain technology. Green mining, supported by ubiqutous solar energy, can be the solution for affordable Proof of Work mining, on which a democratic, all - embracing cryptographic new world can be founded.

Blockchain technology can move humanity into a more decentralized, individual - centered era, as opposed to the traditional centralized models of authority and decision making. Solar energy feeding into and sypporting mining infrastructure can act as the bedrock of this new world. Early investment into such projects is the hotest proposal that WN works on currently bringing together engineering and financing.