ΑRΜΑ SA designed and provides an innovative variable tilt solar mounting system, arma-flex, which is in  essence a fixed system, capable of  altering its tilt angle electromechanically, as often as needed, without requiring any labor or special equipment. It can be used with any grounding method, single or double pole, earth-screws and/or concrete blocks.



Arma-flex system enables the tilt angle variation by means of 2 threaded  tubes, driven into one another, thus, altering the total support leg length. Same row legs extend and shrink in a uniform manner by means of a chain - sprocket mechanism designed to transmit and regulate the motion along each row.  The operation is carried out once per row, using a mobile motor system, which can be easily attached to the one end of each.  Details are shown below, while 2 short videos demonstrate the operation principal.  



ArmaFlex Users can change the tilt angle as often as they   wish. Possible angles range from  20° to  45°.   Other designs are achieveable and can be   provided, as required per case. In a typical   situation (40°  latitude), 2 seasonal   adjustments   can add about  8 – 10% to     the solar yield of   the  installation. The   operation (e.g. for a 100   kW  installation)   requires about 2 hours non   intense work   for 1 person. No other equipment   is   required but a single phase power supply   available at the one end of each row.















 Solar Raw @ 20°Tilt                                   Solar Raw @ 45 ° Tilt


The operation of the system is demonstrated by the videos below:










             Single pole operation (click for video)                                                                                                                           Double pole operation (click for video)

Even existing fixed tilt installations can be easily modified to use ARMA's arma-flex innovative system. For single or double pole systems, with earthscrews or concrete blocks, made of steel or aluminium,  thw modification is convenient, simple and fast, requiring no more that 2-3 working days (for a 100 kW installation) with no need to interrupt operation. 

Arma-flex is an ideal add-on for new solar projects and a meanigful, efficient investment for existing ones. Installation can be carried out by our distributors or the EPC team, as required per case.

Contact us, in order to provide you with a customized solution for your situation.