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Arma 20T

Portable, escalating height, 2x solar tracker system, aiming at max irradiation direction.

Maximun height doesn't exceed 2.5m. It's escalating height design saves considerably on space. System' s geometry ensures static robustness. Endures maximum snow, wind and earthquake loads. Horizontal safe position automatically taken at user – preset wind velocity. Surface prefabricated concrete foundation saves excavations.

Solar tracker ARMA 20T is certificated by Mirtec S.A. (Metallurgical Industrial Research & Technology Development Center).


  • Unique portable 2-axis solar tracker
  • No excavation needed. Sits on prefabricated concrete blocks.
  • Easy access for maintenance, checking and cleaning because of low height
  • Materials' quality guarantees endurance in the worst weather conditions such as wind, snow, humidity, rain, too low or too high temperatures.
  • Automatically parks in the horizontal position in the case of strong winds.
  • Simple and particularly economic system's maintenance
  • Accurate solar tracking ensuring maximum yield.

Arma 20TArma 20T