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Arma Roof - T

Bi-seasonal tilt roof-top 3-pv modules mounting system.

Bi-seasonal tilt roof-top 3-pv modules mounting system. It's ergonomic construction can be established even in schematically weird terraces. Increased return on investment because of seasonal tilt change. Its 3 pv-panels capacity saves on space. No important interference with the excisting building is required.

Arma Roof T 2


  • Significant economic benefits because of increased efficiency. (Cost-effective investment)
  • System' s geometry ensures static robustness, oscillations and vibrations are nullified
  • Materials' quality guarantees endurance in the worst weather conditions such as wind, snow, humidity, rain, too low or too high temperature
  • Simple and particularly economic system's maintenance
  • Space saving due to triple panel capacity.
  • Ergonomic design that adapts on the geometry of each roof.

Arma Roof T